Samples of Development

Hyejin’s previous team/individual projects in relation to the field of Learning, Design, and Technology

Project Documents and Artifacts

Design-Based Research : “Lello!” – Emotion analysis mobile app prototype

I designed and created this mobile app prototype that quantifies and visualizes user’s emotional status with the self-emotion reporting instrument, Geneva Emotion Wheel. This application aims to enhance students’ emotional self-awareness, which is closely related to self-regulation and learning.

Instructional Design Project for the North-West University (NWU)

I was a project manager for this instructional design team project. Our team, Mindbenders, designed a blended training program for the faculty members of NWU on the technology integration framework (TPACK) and VR/AR-enhanced teaching methodology. We implemented the ADDIE model for the instructional design.

Online Training Module for Faculties of NWU – TPACK Model

As based on the aforementioned project, the introductory online module I designed was needed for the beginning of the training. This online module is about the TPACK framework for the technology-integrated classroom. You can try out the online course by clicking the button, “Online Module.”

Technology-integrated Learning : The Talking Dictionary Companion Course

This technology-enhanced language course will be used in South Africa. It aims to motivate Afrikaans parents to see the value in being able to communicate with native black people in their mother tongue language and to enroll their children in the program. The Talking Dictionary is an audiovisual book that incorporates the Callfinder® technology where readers can listen to the pronunciation of terms and phrases in different languages using the Callfinder® device.

 Evaluation of Athens-Clark County Mentoring Program

With teammates, I developed evaluation plans and assessment tools for the Athens-Clark County Mentoring Program in Athens, GA. The purpose of this evaluation plan was to determine the mentors’ progress, the quality and standard of their work, the impact of the program, and the value added to the community.