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About Me

Hyejin Hwang (Jinny)


“Let’s be more concerned with
WHO we are teaching,
rather than WHAT we are teaching.”


I am Hyejin Hwang (Jinny), a doctoral student in the Learning, Design, Technology program at the University of Georgia, expecting to graduate with a Ph.D. degree in December 2025.

Before joining this program, I was a nationally certified public school teacher with five years of teaching experience in Korea. I have relevant experiences including serving on the advisory committee of the AI-Learning Department of Woongjin ThinkBig (a Korean EduTech company), contributing as a member of the Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) Research Society, and training public school teachers in several workshops about ESL teaching.

I love taking photos with my film cameras which are about 20 years older than me (Pentax MX and Leica Mini). Taking a walk under the dazzling afternoon sunlight of Athens and capturing beautiful moments with my old cameras make my heart full of joy and gratitude.
After moving to the U.S. and living alone, I began to enjoy cooking — currently obsessed with Keto and Lion diets!

My current research focus is on the relationship between a
student’s emotional state and their learning. Specifically, I’m interested
in the ways in which learners’ affective states and awareness of emotions
influence their self-regulation, motivation, interactions, and learning
processes. (Read More)

Keywords of Current Research Interest 
Affective domain of learning
Emotion and Learning
Metacognitive emotional awareness and self-regulation
Technology-integration in classrooms
Design-Based Research (DBR)

As a Christian, researcher, and educator, I hope that all my work will converge in loving people and making a positive difference in our society (Mark 12:29-31). I hold these beliefs which lay the foundation of all the work I do.

• All students are created with immeasurable worth, endowed with inalienable rights by their Creator.

• Students have their own unique backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, and emotions that are always worth paying close attention to.

• Learning should take place in a safe and caring environment where students can blossom and grow. 

• Educators have a huge responsibility to hold a sound life value, in that learners are both directly and indirectly influenced by them.

• Individual’s positive contributions and efforts, regardless of its scale, have an impact on other people and society.

• Love binds everything together in perfect harmony. (Colossians 3:14)

• Obstacles that come in my way are blessings in disguise, and all things work together for the greater good. (Romans 8:28)