Program of Study

Courseworks and Project Artifacts

Fall 2019

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EDIT 6170E
Instructional Design

Instructor: Dr. Branch

With the authentic instructional design projects, I designed, developed, and evaluated an online-learning program for faculty members of North-West University in South Africa. I discovered a systematic process of instructional design based on the ADDIE paradigm.

EDIT 6190 Design and Development Tools   
Instructor: Dr. Kopcha

EDIT6190 provided me with a great opportunity to start designing a mobile application that quantifies and visualizes student’s emotional status, which I presented at the AECT 2020 annual conference. 

EDIT 8100 Foundations of LDT 
Instructor: Dr. Hill

In this course, I gained in-depth insights of foundational theories and trends of the LDT field. As locating myself in the field, I identified my area of focus among the theories of educational technology, which were affective domain of learning and critical thinking skills of students.

EDIT 8990
Doctoral Seminar
Instructor: Dr. ChoiDr. Hill

Guest Speakers: Dr. StefaniakDr. ChoiDr. KopchaDr. HillDr. Branch, and Dr. Rieber

EDIT8990 introduced me to academia, and helped me shape my identity as a researcher. Various discussions and journal analysis with the peer graduate students and faculty members of our program provided me with the trends and seminar topics in LDT field. 

Spring 2020

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EDIT 8290 Design-Based Research Methods 
Instructor: Dr. Kopcha

EDIT8290 introduced me to the theoretical basis and the practical knowledge of the Design-Based Research Method(DBR), which I implemented in my research project. I implemented DBR with several iterations to analyze, design, and evaluate my emotion-assisting mobile application.

EDIT 6200E Learning Environment Design
Instructor: Dr. Hill, Dr. Woods

During this course, I learned and implemented principles for designing an e-learning environment. I created an online module for the faculty members of the North-West University. This module aimed to teach academic staffs about the technology-integration in classroom.

EDIT 7350E eLearning Evaluation and Assessment
Dr. Jill Stefaniak

I developed evaluation plans and assessment tools for the Athens-Clark County Mentoring Program during a service-learning project. 

EDIT 7005 Graduate Student Seminar
Dr. Jill Stefaniak

I wrote a peer-reviewed article as the second
author under guidance of Dr. Jill E. Stefaniak, and it is submitted to the ETR&D (under review) and the AERA 2021 Annual meeting Paper (accepted).

  • Manuscript – “Cultivating Instructional Design Expertise: Current Trends and Future Directions”

Summer 2020

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EDIT6400E Emerging Approaches in Teaching and Learning Technology 
Instructor: Dr. Knapp

EDIT6400 provided me with psychological theories such as Behaviorism, Constructivism, Cognitive apprenticeship, and Learning Community. During this course, I designed “The Talking Dictionary Companion Courses” that aimed to help South African parents and children to learn the North Sotho language.

ERSH6200E Methods of Research in Education
Instructor: Dr.Lee

An overview of the diverse approaches to conducting educational research was introduced in this course. I learned research processes in detail accompanied by weekly practices.

Fall 2020

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ERSH 6300 Applied Statistical Methods of Education 
Instructor: Dr. Ferster

ERSH6300 provided me with statistical knowledges and skills for data analysis with intensive SPSS practices

  • SPSS data analysis
  • Statistic concepts

EDIT 8990 Doctoral Seminar
Instructor: Dr. Branch

During this seminar course, I participated in weekly discussions concerning each peer’s research topics and academic experiences. I also took part in mock interviews for the 1st year review of Ph.D. students.

  • Discussions and interviews

EDIT9600 Educational Research in EDIT
Instructor: Dr. Branch

Under the guidance of Dr. Branch, I prepared my next step as a Ph.D. student by designing and creating my Master’s portfolio.  

  • Portfolio website